Bring PODER to the big screen. Make sure to contribute to our effort of getting this film made!

Help indigenous girl leaders in Guatemala share their inspiring story with the world.

Why we care: Around the world, girls still die from preventable diseases, are married far too young, and lack the basic education they deserve. One small town in rural Guatemala is no different: in the community of Concepción Chiquirichapa, fewer than 10% of Mayan girls finish school, more than half become mothers before age 18, and local laws and policies fail to protect adolescent girls.

How we're solving this: Sharing a transformative story about how girls have the power to lead their communities to a better future.

Emelin and Elba, two indigenous Mayan girls, ages 13 and 16, decided the time had come to make a change. These inspiring leaders convinced the mayor of their town to invest in adolescent girls’ development, ensuring that girls can go to school, stay healthy, and learn important skills to escape poverty.

Based at the Public Health Institute, Let Girls Lead presents ¡PODER!, a documentary film that tells this powerful story of girl-led change in Guatemala. Produced by Emmy Award winning filmmaker Lisa Russell, the movie will highlight how Elba, Emelin, and their friends overcame tremendous obstacles to transform their own lives, families, and communities. Filmed in an innovative narrative style, the film features Elba and Emelin as actors portraying themselves. ¡PODER! will premiere in March 2014 for International Women’s Day in the US and Guatemala.

You can join the global movement to let girls lead! Every dollar donated to help us launch ¡PODER! will go directly to completing this important film, including editing translation, animation, and music composition.

Your generous donation will allow us to transform our raw footage into a beautiful and engaging short film about the power of girl leaders. A portion of funds raised will help pay for professional film editing and adding animation to help bring the girls’ personal stories to life. Donations will also be used to hire a music editor and composer to score the film and deepen its artistic impact. This project will cover the funds associated with translating the film so it is fully bilingual and accessible to both English and Spanish speakers, in addition to adding subtitles so that ¡PODER! can reach the widest possible audience.

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PODER! Never underestimate the power of a girl

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