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Where you live impacts how you live. But, too often, policymakers don’t recognize that your race affects your health, too.

From heart disease to cancer to child mortality to asthma, people of color are more likely to face significant health challenges – and more likely to die from those challenges.

A new report we are releasing today, Why Place and Race Matter, makes the undeniable case that race must be central to the decisions made by policymakers, advocates, and community leaders if we ever hope to close the racial health gap.

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Published by PolicyLink and The California Endowment, this new report builds off long-standing research showing that life outcomes can be dramatically improved by changing the economic, social, and physical environments we live in. Why Place and Race Matter brings a new and crucial dimension – the central and ever-present role of race in building truly healthy communities.

Race has shaped our regions, creating places that offer profoundly unequal opportunities to their residents. In many ways, race remains our deepest divide, compounding disadvantage and perpetuating it across generations.

Written by Judith Bell and Mary Lee of PolicyLink, Why Place and Race Matter demonstrates clearly that addressing long-term racial inequities is key to crafting effective strategies to build healthy, vibrant communities.

Download Why Place and Race Matter

Through compelling narratives and proven case studies, Why Place and Race Matter lays out a powerful agenda to improve the health of all Americans by embracing comprehensive approaches that incorporate both race and place.

With creative thinking, new partnerships, and innovative strategies at the intersection of health, place, and race, we can finally enable all Americans to live in healthy, opportunity-rich communities.

Thank you,
Judith Bell, President
Mary Lee, Associate Director


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