What is Triple Aim? Video presents brief & lucid answer

Healthcare system transformation resulting from health reform cannot be overlooked by the "straight-up" population health contingent. I've encountered resistance to becoming familiar with the transformation components of the legislation.  Purists consider lack of illness the only true measure of prevention.  Anyone with a diagnosis is seen as an example of failure to prevent illness.  This position is firmly held by a colleague. Her point of view fails to take into account the fact that, due to their progressive nature, chronic conditions can be controlled.  Controlled conditions count as prevention in the broader clinical context when they do not progress to include complications. 

Of course, this explanation did not fly.  As annoying as it may be to public health purists, health reform places an emphasis on the care delivery system.  The Triple Aim approach, developed at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, provides the framework for many of the care delivery demonstrations underway. The video below is from a Triple Aim health care system transformation planning process conducted in Fort Erie, Ontario in Canada. It is the best & briefest explanation I've heard of Triple Aim, making it a good place for public health purists to start understanding the basics.




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