WARM -a measuring technique to assess elements that support community health

The UK's Association of Public Health Observatories has developed a new tool, The Wellbeing and Resilience Measure (WARM),  to quantify assets and vulnerabilities at the  community well-being and resilience.  The process does not differ a great deal from a number of community profiling tools; however, it is designed to capture a range of social fabric elements that support good health.

What is WARM and who is it for?

The Wellbeing and Resilience Measure (WARM) is a framework to measure

wellbeing and resilience at a local level. WARM helps identify who is vulnerable,

who is not, and why. It supports localism, by giving better information to both

communities and residents, and agencies responding to their concerns and


Wellbeing and resilience measures can enable local professionals and

communities to see which services are having an impact on people’s lives at

a local level and which are not; identify a community’s strengths as well as its

weaknesses; and make more informed decisions about where to direct limited


Association of Public Health Observatories report web page




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