Walkonomics: Website tabulates neighborhood walkability metrics

I recall reading a post on this network about Walkonomics.  The post said that real estate companies were starting to use a neighborhood's walking attributes as part of the sales pitch.  From the website it seems, the idea is catching on. It seems the original group secured funding for a fairly sophisticated website.  Does anyone recall reading that post about a year plus ago?

 From website "About' page

Walkonomics aims to rate the pedestrian-friendliness of every street in the world. By enabling ordinary people and local communities to add a rating of any street, it is hoped that a realistic walkability score will be created for each street. Where available, public datasets are also used to add ratings and provide more quantitative reviews. By harnessing the power of 'crowd-sourcing', social media and open data, Walkonomics aims to become a self-organising system where users correct any inaccuracies or errors in street reviews.
In addition to this, Walkonomics also provides an interactive online space, where local people, government and business can suggest, discuss and create walkability improvements for our streets, neighbourhoods and cities.
















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Comment by Cecil Verley on June 27, 2011 at 9:34pm

WALKSCORE.COM is the website mentioned on this site in Sept. 2009.

Walkscore is gaining acceptance as a service that can add value to a property listing.  On their press coverage webpage, you can see how they are adding other healthy community metrics to their ratings.  


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