RESOURCE: Healthy Aging Community Planning Toolkit

The Center for Civic Partnerships in California has a great planning tool kit for aging well and in place.  The country's economic problems and self-interested state and federal elected officials are barriers to the preparing for an aging population. 

What is very helpful are the case studies.  Most of the communities, with the exception of Rochester, NY, are fairly small so I am not sure how well the approaches translate to larger cities.  But the toolkit is a very useful contribution that can be marketed to civic engagement organizations like the League of Women Voters & caregiver groups to name a few. It is also helpful to see a resource that has options other than those related to public transportation. 

The website, almost like an informercial, says:

The toolkit:

  • Breaks down the aging well planning process into manageable steps and gives specific guidance for each
  • Provides a structured process for gathering different types of information from different sources at different times
  • Offers ways to involve residents, local government, older adult service providers, businesses, faith communities, nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders representing the diversity of the community in the planning process
  • Presents a path to a future where older residents can age in place while continuing to engage in and contribute to the community

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