PHI Urges Action to Protect Prevention and Public Health Fund

Unfortunately, Congressional proposals to gut the Prevention and Public Health Fund reemerged this morning. Congress is considering cutting the Prevention Fund by up to $5 billion over ten years to avoid massive cuts to Medicare physicians. As I said in my blog last December, when a similar proposal was on the table, this tactic is not only bad for the nation’s health, it’s fiscally irresponsible.


The Prevention Fund supports evidence- and community-based interventions across the U.S. to prevent chronic disease, which currently accounts for 75% of all Medicare spending. Prevention is the smart investment for America’s health and is key to lowering healthcare costs and getting the country back on the road to fiscal sustainability.


I urge you to call your Congressional representatives as well as Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today. They can all be reached through the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121.


Key messages include:

-          You oppose any cuts to the Prevention and Public Health Fund

-          Reducing prevention funding to pay for more medical care is short-sighted and ineffective policy

-          Prevention improves health, lowers healthcare costs and is the smart investment for our economic future


Further resources can be found at Trust for America’s Health:


Thank you for your support and willingness to take action for public health.

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