NO MORE WAITING TO EXHALE: Population health contingent weighs-in on SCOTUS ACA decision

A huge collective sigh of relief was heard across the nation this morning when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act will be the law of the land.  Foes and supporters will be pouring over gallons on of ink and gigabytes and information this weekend trying to determine the meaning and devilish details of the decision.  Below are are few same-day reactions from population health organizations across the country.  Click on the link after each quote to read complete statements. 

“Today’s historic ruling by the nation’s highest court marks a significant milestone in our national efforts to improve the delivery and financing of health services in the U.S. and to promote health and wellness rather than disease treatment. The Supreme Court’s decision allows for long-overdue changes made possible by the law to move forward without question or further delay." 

Georges C. Benjamin, MD, FACP, FACEP (E), Executive Director, Ameri...

"Today's momentous Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
sends a clear message: our transformation to a system of wellcare is underway, and
there is no going back." 
Mary Pittman, Dr.PH, CEO, Public Health Institute


“However, we must still be vigilant,” Ashe said. “Investing in healthy communities, where we can avoid chronic disease and injury over lifetimes, is what truly saves healthcare costs. We must now focus on protecting the Prevention and Public Health Fund.”

Marice Ashe, JD, MPH, CEO & Founder, ChangeLab Solutions

"This law will positively impact people across the country, especially those hit first and worst by the recession who need access to affordable care. Its potential to improve poor communities and strengthen our nation’s economy makes it an important leap forward in our struggle for equity."

Angela Glover Blackwell, CEO & Founder, PolicyLink

"In addition to ensuring health care coverage for millions of additional Americans and improved quality measures, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also includes historic investments in prevention.  Today’s decision means these aspects of the law will continue to be implemented and Americans around the country will benefit."

Jeff Levy, PhD, Executive Director, Trust for America's Health

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