Leading food & beverage industry website gives nod to impact of environment on healthy eating/active living?

FoodNavigator USA is my one-stop-shop for food and beverage industry points of view on public health interventions.  The commentary is predictable, but what is most interesting is the "logic" supporting positions taken by the website's contributers.  But an opinion piece on the Cornell systematic review of studies concerning food environments and eating was a bit of a shock.  Caroline Scott-Thomas, a foodnavigator-usa.com reporter, wrote an article acknowledging the potential impact of available food offerings on what we eat.  The title: The illusion of choice? Healthy choices are easier in healthy envir....   "Losing or maintaining weight clearly involves taking responsibility for food and lifestyle choices – but creating a healthier environment could help more people do just that." 

One writer does not an about-face in an industry make, but......................

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