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Healthier Kids Make a Healthier World

by Julianna Lagno on February 2, 2011


I was reading about local Rhode Island health organizations recently and I found an organization that is both necessary and effective. Kids First, a local RI organization is all about educating kids about being healthier. Does this sound familiar to anyone? It should – we had the same goal with the Mighty Timoneers project that we worked on not too long ago for Nemours Health and Prevention Services. We LOVE to see organizations working toward a healthier population, and where better to start than with kids?!


Check out to see this fabulous program designed for the education of health for kids.


This program is focusing on the overall well being and health of communities in Rhode Island, by targeting kids and their families. Some examples of these small yet significant tactics to improving RI’s health include implementing improved food practices in cafeterias, vending machines and during catered events. They also partner with food advocates and food service professionals to provide information about nutrition.


We proudly applaud Kids First for recognizing and understanding the importance of childhood nutrition and health in communities, and we appreciate them for successfully doing something about it. What a difference this will make!

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