Goodbye to everything big in the Big Apple? New York's anti-supersize campaign may lead the way to smaller portions

                                                                                                      "I think what happens in NYC is going to be very important as it will set a precedent.  But I think the only way to get consumers to by smaller sizes is if the big ones disappear."  That is the opinion of Dr. Lisa Young, PhD, RD, a nutrition researcher at New York University.  Dr. Young's research is the topic of an article in by Elaine Watson... 

Dr.Young asserts that you will buy a 16 ounce serving of Coke at any price point only if the 32 ounce serving is not on the menu. The idea is to charge less (proportionally) as an incentive to purchase smaller portions. That takes care of menu items. The matter is a bit more complicated with packaged foods.  Dr. Young shared her take on packaged foods in the article and how the FDA effort to change nutrition labeling may lead the public to think the government is telling them to eat more.  She also says that those 10 ounce packages of food are considered diet food to the average consumer.

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