EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TOOL: Prevention Institute's Health Equity & Prevention Primer

Public health has been slow in taking full advantage of the internet. The Prevention Institute has pushed the envelope by offering an online training course AND offering continuing education credit for completing the course. The Health Equity & Prevention Primer is a excellent contribution given current limitations on travel to meetings and conferences.

According the webpage, "the Health Equity and Prevention Primer (HEPP) was developed to serve as an online learning tool, consisting of an equity-focused curriculum and collection of resources to build the knowledge and capacity of practitioners to incorporate health equity into their work. The Primer is comprised of seven brief, interactive presentations along with selected publications, tools, and other resources focused on health equity"

I completed four modules in about 90 minutes. There are new materials/articles on health equity & prevention that are a good introduction for interns and those with little background in public health.

Congrats to the Prevention Institute for a truly valuable tool that can broaden awareness of an important concept in public health.


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