DOT EPA HUD Livability Website-Check it out!

You've probably heard about the unique partnership forged between the EPA, HUD, & DOT to create liveable communities. The Department of Transportation has a very good website (in the main DOT website) with really good explanations and case studies.

What I like about the site is that it includes rural and suburban examples of liveability. From what I have seen on this network, posts are little heavy on urban centers & that should really not be so. The bias is very obvious and sad. Some of the most impoverished people in the country (by number and condition) live in rural areas. Also, not all rural areas are like Mayberry where Andy, Opee, and Aunt Bea liveld. In event, you see my point. Rural communities deserve a healthy community as well.

The website is terrific is the entire DOT web presence. By far in a class by itself as far as website design, functionality, & content.

Livability Webpage

Livability Case Studies

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