Daily Show co-creator weighs in on Congress' latest anti-health decision-pizza is a vegetable

Jon Stewart may be the one name most Comedy  Central viewers associate with The Daily Show.  But Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show, produced the syndicated talk show that launched Jon Stewart's career.  She is responsible for the satirical newscast format that made Comedy Central a viable cable network.  Winstead has not strayed too far from her news roots. Financially secure, she now writes the occasional article for The Guardian explaining some aspect of American life to our cousins across The Pond. 

She did her best to explain the latest effort by Congress  to overrule trained and experienced government professionals in the U.S. Department of Agriculture who proposed updating school lunch nutrition standards.

"It is a Sisyphean task just to get these lunch programs to serve something, anything, fresh and healthy that hasn't been grown with Major League Baseball-style steroids. Why? Because we live in America, where people, who have been elected to public office, do not believe in climate science, but do believe pizza is a vegetable."

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