CORN REFINERS ASSOCIATION-Telling their side of the high fructose corn syrup story

"The Corn Refiners Association represents the corn refining (wet milling) industry and has launched a national educational campaign to provide science-based facts about high fructose corn syrup to the public"

The food refining industry is moving forward with what appears to be a well-financed and sophisticated campaign to protect the reputation of high fructose corn syrup.  The website is well designed.  It includes toolkits to help refiners address questions from the public.   The group is based in Washington, D.C. so we can only image that their efforts are aimed at elected ofiicials responsible for food policy?  Shameful.  The group is not being forthright about HFC's way of keeping you coming back for more.   

Consumer research is helping the group sharpen its message.  A recent study by Mintel, comissioned I would assume by the refiners, indicated that consumers are more concerned about added sugar than HFC.  This may be the case because there is considerable confusion/ignorance about food additives, particularly sweeteners. 

 We do not know much about HFC at the moment, but dietary guidelines recommend limiting intake.  Your very own Mayo Clinic has useful information to share about HFC.





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