Bedsider :: a cool reminder service to take your birth control :: Sx::Tech 2011

Bedsider had these cool postcards and fun shaped cards at the Sex::Tech conference 2011. On the postcard, it reads: "Trouble Remembering to Take YOUR BIRTH CONTROL?". On the back it reads: "FORGET ABOUT IT! Bedsider can help you remember to take your pill, change your patch, put in a new ring - whatever you need." Reminders are sent out via text or email. Would this type of reminder work for your project, community and or yourself? Please share the site with others.


What is Bedsider?

"... (Bedsider) is a free support network for birth control operated by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Launched in beta form in 2010, our goal is to help women find the method of birth control that’s right for them and learn how to use it consistently and effectively. ..."

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