ATTENTION PUBLIC HEALTH PRACTIONERS: Can you name five characteristics of a walkable community?

The emphasis on the built environment in public health is hard to escape.  Conferences, podcasts, name it......there is a discussion concerning getting people to walk more frequently in their daily lives.  The task for public health practitioners is to bring evidence to discussions in order to inform decision makers on parks, transportation, and planning boards to consider public health goals in their deliberations. 

If asked, anyone working on community health issues related to land use and transportation should be able to name five attributes of walkable communities and determine if those attributes exist in a neighborhood or downtown business district.  If you can't name five characteristics of walkable communities, take a look at this brief video. 

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Comment by Katherine Ellington on March 21, 2012 at 1:06pm

1) clear sidewalks 2) safe paths 3) well lit pathways 4) neighbors/friends and 5) natural landscape or shops

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