Architecture that keeps the pounds off

Tenants in a new co-op in New York will be one of the first in the nation to live in a new type of healthy building.  According to  the Gothamist, "the eight-story, 63-unit, co-op called The Melody was built with keeping active in mind. So not only does it include a gym inside and exercise equipment outside, it also boasts a well-lit, decorated stairwell with light jazz coming over the speakers. And outside of that staircase is a sign that reads: “A person’s health can be judged by which they take two of at a time, pills or stairs."  Blue Sea Development and Habitat for Humanity teamed up to build the moderate income apartment building.

For more information, click on the links.

New York Times


NBC New York

The comments in this article make interesting reading. 


The Daily Mail Online (UK)



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