Anti-beverage tax group says no cause-and-effect relationship between soda and obesity

The economy is on everyone's mind. In the UK there is a lot of belt-tightening that has been a disaster for some.  While the royal nuptials headlines appear in your tabloids & magazines popular with the younger set, there is more talk about cuts in spending than what Mrs. Middleton will be wearing to the royal wedding.  Friends from California have a small gourmet pizza shop and they report that they were visited by a well-dressed man to discuss a tax on soda.   

It seems your beverage industry is rather unhappy about the prospect of a tax on their product.  My friend sent me the URL ,and I was fascinated by the cleverness of their self-serving argument. 

Example:  "Even a past president of the American Dietetic Association and a prestigious Harvard study have concluded that they cannot prove a cause-and-effect relationship between soda and obesity"

This is the site


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