A TENUOUS CURE: Medical respite care for the homeless

The Great Recession has moved middle class and working class into precarious living arrangements.  Some individuals are living with friends at times moving frequently, perhaps several nights a week, to another friend's or acquaintace's apartment or home. In some instances, individuals are renting a sofa from an acquaintance for eight hours sometime during the day or night to have a safe place to sleep.  We don't consider individulas with somewhat unconventional living arrangements homeless because the term has come to be associated with being forced to sleep under a bridge, in a public park, hidden in an alley, or in a closed storefront entrance.

Being without a stable, predictable place to live, eat, and sleep m....  One remedy is making medical respite care available for individuals who do not have stable housing.  

The brief documentary, from the National Health Care for the Homeless Council website, is a conversation with a patient about to be discharged from the hospital who does not have  a stable housing arrangement. 




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