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F as in Fat: New report is part of the problem

I am on board with preventing obesity. But I think the latest report from Trust for America's Health illustrates and reinforces the negative attitudes we have about overweight/obese people.  The Rudd Center has done a good job of bringing attention to the stigmatizing nature of obesity. I don't deny that the updated…


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HANG UP AND DRIVE: New study shows more media spots & cops reduce mobile phone use on the road

The list of the ten most dangerous things for your health includes driving while talking on a mobile phone.  A demonstration project in New York & Connecticut reduced texting and talking on mobile phones using high visibility enforcement (HVE).  Mobile phones are almost an extension of our bodies, making their use almost unconscious.  This only explains part of the increase in crashes and traffic fatalities traced to mobile phone use. An experienced driver increases…


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STUDY: Five decades with loss of occupation-related physical activity contributed to obesity

A study from the University of South Carolina traces the increase in overweight and obesity to a reduction in occupation-related physical activity.  Simply stated the study concludes:

Over the last 50 years in the U.S. we estimate that daily occupation-related energy expenditure has decreased by more than 100 calories, and this reduction in energy expenditure accounts for a significant portion of the increase in mean U.S. body weights for women and…


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2011 County Health Rankings: Better presentation of information for the average person

As a teacher in a community college preparing students for careers in nursing and ancillary services in ambulatory care, I incorporate units in my curriculum that cover social determinants of health. This is not a hefty unit, but I try to pack as much as possible into a 45-minute lecture in preparation for a video "Unnatural Causes"-the basis for a four-page paper assignment.

I was very disappointed in the first set of County rankings released last years.  The information did not seem…


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Cuba: Ahead in preparation for impact of climate change

Here in America we hear a good deal about Cuba's post Soviet withdrawal conditions.  The media in the Caribbean has  more even-handed view.  A blog that tracks climate change issue in the region gives Cuba good marks for climate change mitigation planning.…


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Parks & Public Health Toolkit-On the pilot nursing assistant program syllabus

Summer is over and it is back to teaching another batch of students. This year we are piloting a nursing assistant program with the hope of filling the pipeline with students of color who can take advantage of health reform workforce programs or funds. Vacationing in Greece (go visit...they need our money) was a good decision, and the lecture at the nursing college was well-received. A special "shout out" to Tamar Knox who I connected with on this network for tips that came in handy in the Q…


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What would it cost us to treat the uninsured with and without the new health reform law?

A report by John Halohan & Bowen_Garrett of the Urban Institute answers the question.


"In this report the authors estimate that under the health reform bill passed by the Senate, the cost of uncompensated care will fall from $62.1 billion in 2009 to $46.6 billion in 2019. If no health reform is enacted, they project that uncompensated care would rise to between $107 and $141 billion in 2019. Over the six-year period of proposed health reform legislation, 2014–2019,…


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Health care reform bill myths and facts from Huffington Post

It is hard to find out exactly what is in the healthcare reform law. As an instructor, I tried to find a simple summary from a reputable source for my students. The best I could do is the Huffington Post. If anyone in this network knows of another source of information, please let me know.


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Salt is a major health problem that industry can solve

A recent article on Medscape takes a look at the other deadly incredient in our diets-salt. Fat has been getting as lot of attention because of the obesity problerm. Researchers found that taking out 3 grams per day could save $20+ billion in healthcare costs and reduce strokes by about 30,000. The article Halt the salt! Please was written by Sandra Fryhofer, MD of Emory University School of Medicine. It is available at…


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USDA STUDY FINDINGS: WIC not linked to overweight in children

The USDA's electronic newsletter, Amber Waves, featured a story on the role of WIC in childhood obesity. Many low income children participate in WIC & that group tends to have high rates of overweight/obesity. The study seems to show that WIC participation does not increase the likelihood of obesity in children.

Go to the link:…


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