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Invitations to the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs

At long last, the United Nations has released a list of 248 organizations from 48 nations that are accredited to attend the UN High Level Meeting (HLM) on non communicable diseases (NCDs) during September 19-20, 2011.  Nonprofits, academic institutions, corporations, and religious organizations submitted their requests by April 15, and four months later, the lucky ones selected each now have the chance to nominate two…


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United Nations NCD Negotiations Stall

As has been widely reported, including here and here, negotiations at the United Nations have stalled over an "outcomes document" that is to be approved by a High Level Meeting on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in New York on September 20.  Negotiations that were to have been concluded by now…


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Global Democracy Promotion Act Could Save Women's Lives

On July 25, Congresswoman Nita Lowey once again introduced The Global Democracy Promotion Act (HR 2639). If adopted, this short and simple bill would accomplish a significant goal – banning future Presidential administrations from imposing the Mexico City Policy through executive memorandum. The Mexico City Policy (also known…


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WHO Creating New Targets for NCD Reduction

Among the many issues to confront the global health community in tackling the rising tide of non communicable disease (NCDs) is how best to measure the extent of the epidemic. This has become an urgent issue in the short period remaining before the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs, scheduled to take place at the UN General Assembly on September 19-20, 2011.  Many advocates argue that without a concrete…


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Lance Armstrong Launches Signature Campaign for NCDs

Lance Armstrong, the founder of the nonprofit LIVESTRONG, has launched a signature campaign around the non communicable disease (NCD) issue.  The goal of the campaign is to gather at least 100,000 signatures from around the world, urging political leaders to attend the upcoming UN High Level Meeting on NCDs in New York over September 19-20, 2011, and return home to stop these illnesses and provide treatment…


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UN Civil Society Listening Session on NCDs: Anything But Interactive

Approximately 350 representatives of civil society participated in a one-day session in New York on June 13, to provide verbal input into the UN High Level Meeting on non communicable diseases (NCDs). Convened by the President of the General Assembly and staffed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the session was supposed to be an opportunity for United Nations agencies and member states to hear…


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Chronic Illnesses Cost at Least $6 Trillion Annually

One missing piece in the policy debates around non communicable diseases (NCDs) is an accurate account of their economic impact.  In order for policy makers to begin to grapple with the epidemic sweeping the globe, they need to have a fairly good idea what illnesses like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease and cancer are having on economies from Bujumbura to Beijing. 

Thanks to some research sponsored by the World…


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What About Children: Don't They Get Chronic Illnesses, Too?

It is hard to find a life that has not been touched in some way by a non communicable disease (NCD).  Whether it's a mother who has breast cancer, a father with diabetes, or a cousin with asthma, virtually all of us have personal knowledge of what it is like to live with -- and sometimes die with -- a chronic illness.  That basic fact makes the upcoming UN High Level Meeting on NCDs this September of…


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World Health Organization Sets June 10 Deadline for Input on NCDs

In the run up to the UN High Level Session on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) planned for September 19-20, 2011, the United Nations is convening a civil society interactive hearing session on June 16, 2011 in New York.  The June session is to allow for input from all kinds of…


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UN Changes Course, Establishes 2-step Registration for NCD High Level Meeting

Hundreds or perhaps thousands of individuals last week began receiving notices from the UN, letting them know that their registration had been approved to attend the June 16 Civil Society Listening Session on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in New York.  This is welcome news for those advocates and practitioners who had been patiently waiting since the registration process for the meeting closed in April. The Civil Society Listening Session is meant to be a precursor to the upcoming…


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Three major disease organizations publish NCD manifesto

Today the Presidents of the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Heart Association published an unprecedented joint statement concerning support for the UN High Level Meeting on Non Communicable…


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NCDs at the CORE Group: HIV Treatment and Cardiovascular Disease

Charlotte Block of Project Hope organized a session on May 12 at the CORE Group in Baltimore on "Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) -- The Unheralded Global Epidemic."  In addition to Ms. Block, who spoke on the global reach of diabetes, the session also featured presentations by Dr. Vivien Tsu of PATH on cancers…


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Notes from the NCD Front

For those following the trail leading to the UN High Level Meeting on Non Communicable Diseases (UN HLMNCD) in New York this September, a couple of important things have happened recently.


The UN has announced the identities of the seven members of the civil society task force for the UN HLMNCD.  They are:…


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NCD Moscow Declaration: Is it Moving in a Positive Direction?

Discussions over the draft "Moscow Declaration" began in earnest today (April 28), as Ministers of Health -- including HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius -- gathered in Moscow to begin the First Global Ministerial Conference on Healthy Lifestyles and Non Communicable Disease Control, organized by the World Health Organization and the Russian Federation.



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WHO Global Forum on Non Communicable Disease

The meeting today, April 27, of the Global Forum on "Addressing the Challenge of Non Communicable Diseases," organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), provided an opportunity for more than 250 representatives present to comment upon the epidemic and what should be done about it.

Attendees representing NGOs, academia, the corporate sector and governments heard from WHO Director…


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Policy and Process on Non Communicable Disease at the UN

As delegations gather this week in Moscow to assess the state of the world's non communicable disease (NCD) epidemic and governments' efforts to cope, advocates will also be pressing to make sure that non governmental organizations, corporations and academics all have a role in clarifying the problems and identifying solutions.

All indications are that the United Nations, and in particular, the World Health Organization, is doing its utmost to accommodate the hundreds of organizations…


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Big Week for Non Communicable Diseases

This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) has organized two meetings in Moscow related to the rising tide of non communicable diseases (NCDs).  The first, on April 27, will be a "Global Forum on NCDs," at which approximately 180 individuals from civil society, including the private sector and academia, from around the world will gather.  Also at the meeting, the WHO will release its first-ever "Global…


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GOJoven Fellow Daisy Magaña Takes Washington By Storm

Daisy Magaña of Belize visited Washington, DC on April 22 to deliver a key message to policy makers and advocates: please keep funding family planning and environment programs around the world.  "I can't believe anyone would seriously consider cutting these programs," she says, "they are what we really need." 

In a meeting at the State Department Magaña, who comes from the Corozal region, spoke passionately about the needs of young people in her country, including for accurate sexual…


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US Govt at Moscow NCD Meeting to Stress Coordination, Prevention, Social Determinants, Integration

At a meeting on April 20, 2011 of the Global Health Council Non Communicable Disease (NCD) Roundtable, US Government representatives from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) listed four priority areas that the delegation intended to focus on at the upcoming first global ministerial meeting on healthy lifestyles and non communicable diseases. Holly J. Wong, Associate Director of the Office of Global…


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US Announces Delegation to the Moscow Ministerial on NCDs

The Obama Administration today announced the members of the U.S. Delegation to the World Health Organization's first global ministerial conference on "healthy lifestyles and noncommunicable disease control," which will take place in Moscow during April 28-29.  The United States will be sending a strong delegation, composed of officials from the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control…


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