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Global Health Initiative Document Mentions a Non Communicable Disease, But Barely









There have been several significant developments within the past few weeks concering the President's Global Health Initiative (GHI), a planned $63 billion six-year effort to tackle some of the globe's most persistent health…


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India and NCDs: An Opportunity Not to be Missed

...What are India and the foreign donors doing about India’s considerable NCD burden?  While I don’t know the answer to this question, I do know that India will join other nations at the upcoming UN High Level Session on NCDs, as the first time the UN body will officially address the world’s largest source of mortality. Its delegation will speak about NCDs, what can be done to prevent them, and how…


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PHI Hosts Showings of Ipas film "Not Yet Rain" on International Women's Day

On Tuesday, March 8, (International Women's Day) the Public Health Institute (PHI) hosted two showings of the documentary film "Not Yet Rain," which deals with safe abortion services in Ethiopia.  The film, produced by the international development organization Ipas, documents some improvements in maternal health that have taken place…


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UN to Convene Civil Society Working on Non Communicable Diseases

The United Nations is convening a High Level Session on Non Communicable Diseases during September 19-20, 2011 in New York.  The meeting will feature high level delegations from all UN member nations, including in some cases heads of state and Ministers of Health.


In order to gather information from non-governmental organizations and the private sector related to the subject of non…


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Bottom Billion Conference on NCDs: Indoor cooking fires pose significant health risk to women

Kirk Smith presented compelling evidence at the Harvard Medical School conference on non communicable disease that the simple act of daily cooking over an indoor campfire is hazardous to health.  Smith, who is professor of Global Environmental Health at the University of California at Berkeley, spoke at "The Long Tail of Global Health Equity: Tackling the Endemic Non Communicable Diesease of the Bottom Billion," on March 3,…


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Bottom Billion conference: Non communicable and infectious diseases are linked

One of the many stories to emerge from the conference on non communicable diseases (NCDs) in the poorest of the poor held at Harvard Medical School over March 2-3, 2011 is the idea that there is no sharp dividing line between NCDs and infectious ones.  "This is a false dichotomy that must be rejected," said Jean Claude Mbanya, president of the International Diabetes Federation and professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Yaounde, Cameroon.…


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Paul Farmer on Non communicable disease and the "Bottom Billion": Conference at Harvard Medical School

In a stirring and inspirational keynote address, global health giant Paul Farmer exhorted a group of 500 advocates and students at Harvard Medical School on March 2 to "end the defeatism" concerning non communicable disease (NCD) advocacy.  Farmer, the chair of Harvard Medical School's Global Health and Social Medicine Department and the founder of the nonprofit Partners in Health, told the audience that the state of advocacy on NCDs is similar in many ways to where HIV/AIDS was in the 2001…


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