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Supportive Housing-A Social Determinant of Health Solution in Harlem

My research has led me to articles about the topic of social determinants of health.  The link between health and education is strong, but there is very little research on what aspect of education helps people lead healthier lives.  The idea of supportive housing and helping children become better students seems to be cost-effective.  An article in the New York Times on Friday mentioned the cost of a supportive housing program compared to emergency shelter beds and prison beds.  The…


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"Transfusion" by Clay Bennett   Chattanooga Times Free Press  2/11/11


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White House neighborhood revitalization working group tackles social determinants of health

Urban economics is based on location theory and examines land use, transportation, and urban sector problems (and emerging mini/pocket cities in urban areas), housing policy, & government revenues/expenditures. Economic analysis incorporates spacial aspects of a range of economic discisions. With the growing emphasis in public health on place, it seems some work in the field is drawing from urban economics in designing program.

"The Obama administration has created…


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THE QUESTION IN HEALTH REFORM: Do supply and demand equation assumptions apply to health care?

The elementary economic concept of supply & demand is probably one of the most studied areas of health economics. As an economist I can delve into econometric models on endless regression equations to understand the confusion arguments that take place when the question of where the demand for health care comes from. A futurist (can someone explain to me this means?) named Joe Flower has an explanation, one of many, that is easy to follow.…


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U.S. Marxist magazine not critical of healthcare reform law

I did not think a Marxist publication like Political Affairs Magazine would be more or less uncritical about the new healthcare reform law. The hospital and insurance industry have been given a gift of nearly 35,000 new patients & beneficiaries, respectively.

" A number of commentators have described the law as the biggest reversal of inequality in America since LBJ's Great Society program. We…


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USDA Economic Research Service: 100 years of data about American eating habits

I am a doctoral student who gets very excited about data. Your country is a candy store that keeps tired PhD (economics) candidates up at night with a rush of excitement. My home country has nothing like this.

Since 1909 ERS has captured changes in US food purchasing and consumption patterns for practically any mainstream food (over 60+ commodities) item you can imagine from the supply side. What is disappointing is that the data cannot be categorized by region,…


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Research finding: Local availability of fresh fruit & vegetable may not increase consumption by the poor

Farmer's markets are springing up in many neighborhoods. The recent introduction of the food financing measure in Congress is a sign of the importance of fresh fruit and vegetable availability as an equity issue. But research from the USDA raises questions about likelihood on increased consumption of fruits & vegetables by those at 130% of poverty. These results open an area of discussion about the need for better understanding about the food preferences/consumption of low income families.… Continue

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