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RESOLVE, OPPORTUNITY, & SUPPORT: The making of health sector professionals prepared and committed to the safety net

Health sector professionals are the product of a series of opportunities that lead to developing sound reading and math skills, sparking curiosity about workings of the human body, and maintaining mental and spiritual focus on helping and healing the sick. These opportunities are not encountered routinely by children who come from low income or working class communities. Becoming a dentist, physician, physical therapist, health center manager, or nurse practitioner is within…


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VIDEO: Integrating Primary Care & Public Health: Innovating to Improve Your Health & Community Health

"Primary care and public health have critical roles in providing for the health and well-being of communities across the nation. Although they each share a common goal, historically they have operated independently of each other. However, new opportunities are emerging that could bring the two sectors together in ways that will yield substantial and lasting improvements in the health of individuals, communities, and populations. Because of this potential, the Centers for Disease…


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LOST: Patient in the Medical Home

     In a recent Health Affairs Blog post, David Keller traces the history of the medical home concept and issues a call to recapture the focus on the…


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Goodbye to everything big in the Big Apple? New York's anti-supersize campaign may lead the way to smaller portions

                                                                                                      "I think what happens in NYC is going to be very important as it will set a precedent.  But I think the only way to get consumers to by smaller sizes is if the big ones disappear."  That is the opinion of Dr. Lisa Young, PhD, RD, a nutrition researcher at New York…


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A TENUOUS CURE: Medical respite care for the homeless

The Great Recession has moved middle class and working class into precarious living arrangements.  Some individuals are living with friends at times moving frequently, perhaps several nights a week, to another friend's or acquaintace's apartment or home. In some instances, individuals are renting a sofa from an acquaintance for eight hours sometime during the day or night to have a safe place to sleep.  We don't consider individulas with somewhat unconventional living arrangements homeless…


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VIDEO: Integrating Mental Health into Primary Care featuring Jurgen Unutzer, MD, MPH, MA

Primary care is experiencing rapid changes under health reform.  You may be familiar with the emphasis on health information technology, patient centered medical homes, and efforts to expand the health workforce.  However, integration of mental health into primary care settings is also a by-product of health reform. 

The video features Jurgen Unutzer, MD, MPH, MA, the driving force behind the IMPACT Model-an evidence based model of…


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NO FLIPPIN' STRATEGY DOCUMENT REQUIRED: How community activists created community gardens by taking over vacant land

She calls it propaganda gardening.  Pam Warhurst is the co-founder of England's Incredible Edible.   Incredible Edible takes over vacant land and creates community gardens.  All done without a "flippin' strategy document."  

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OPTING OUT MAY NOT BE AN OPTION: Hospitals telling anti-health reform governors to expand Medicaid

You're going to see a major intensification of lobbying at the state level by the hospitals and the doctors," said John Gorman, a health-care consultant and former lobbyist. "They will scream for this money because they would rather see

more people covered under Obama's signature initiative than have bad debt."…


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CARTOON: SCOTUS ACA decision- MikeLukovich

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Intel launches health reform & technology video post SCOTUS

I wonder if this video was held in the "can" until the Supreme Court's health reform decision.  My question is: who is the target population for this message. The message seems a bit muted for the general population.  Seasoned health care sector practitioners are not easily swayed by high production values.  In any event, take a look.

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NO MORE WAITING TO EXHALE: Population health contingent weighs-in on SCOTUS ACA decision

A huge collective sigh of relief was heard across the nation this morning when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act will be the law of the land.  Foes and supporters will be pouring over gallons on of ink and gigabytes and information this weekend trying to determine the meaning and devilish details of the decision.  Below are are few same-day reactions from population health organizations across the country.  Click on the link after each quote to read complete…


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What's the big deal about "greenspace"?



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Increasing opportunities for physical activity gets a boost from technology: BikeScore, WalkScore, & now ParkScore

Cross-sector collaboration is one of the latest buzz phrases in public health.  However, it is rare to hear of technology sector collaborations between healthy built environment advocates and technology types such as computer programmers and electrical engineers. Health care  has taken advantage of smartphone technology to help patients manage medical conditions; however,…


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Former Kentucky Fried Chicken exec leading The Good Food Revolution?

In the United States, the Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer.  The well-organized among us have switched out double-pane windows and planted veggies we can cook on the grill wheeled to the patio for the first "eat & greet" of the season. Good weather, good food, and good conversation mean you've hit the summer trifecta.

 If the news…


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GOING DARK: House puts an end to the American Community Survey

The first question that came to mind when I heard about the House vote was-why?  We've come to expect the unexpected from the right-tilting House.  There are the obvious answers: brandishing Tea Party credentials in preparation for the November election; right to privacy concerns; and the old stand-by of the targeted program not having an organized…


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ATTENTION PUBLIC HEALTH PRACTIONERS: Can you name five characteristics of a walkable community?

The emphasis on the built environment in public health is hard to escape.  Conferences, podcasts, name it......there is a discussion concerning getting people to walk more frequently in their daily lives.  The task for public health practitioners is to bring evidence to discussions in order to inform decision makers on parks, transportation, and planning boards to consider public health goals in their deliberations. 

If asked, anyone working on community health…


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IOM report subtext: Chronic diseases are here to stay so let's make the best of it

In January, the Institute of Medicine released the report Living Well with Chronic Illness: A Call for Public Health Action.  The report may strike some prevention zealots as a call to surrender in the battle to…


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A Practical Guide to Population Health-Oriented Regional Transportation Planning


Transportation planning is increasingly being recognized as an important platform for population health improvement.  While air quality may be the first health issue to come to mind,  transporation planners and engineers influence how our communities are configured and determine the "walkability" & bike friendly nature of neighborhoods.   Transform and the…


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Reading at grade level by third grade: A social determinant of health?

The relationship between health and education is well-documented; however, public health limits its engagement with the education sector to activities related to interventions that contribute directly to population health measures such as immunizations and more recently healthier food choices on school grounds.  In public health, evidence is the impetus for action; however,…


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