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Workshop on NCDs in Children and Adolescents: March 19-21, Oakland, CA

As part of the outcome of the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs, the political declaration adopted acknowledged the special challenges faced by children and youth in preventing and treating non communicable diseases, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic lung disease (including asthma). It is…


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WEBINAR: Unequal Opportunity Killer: CVD in African Americans & Latinos

This is an excellent webinar regarding disparities in the treatment of cardiovascular disease in the Latino and African American populations. Click on the audio & PowerPoint slides.  The video of the presentation appears below

Description: A recent survey revealed that only one third of cardiologists acknowledged the existence of racial/ethnic disparities in cardiovascular care in general, and only 5% agreed that disparities existed in their own practice. Several…


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Leading food & beverage industry website gives nod to impact of environment on healthy eating/active living?

FoodNavigator USA is my one-stop-shop for food and beverage industry points of view on public health interventions.  The commentary is predictable, but what is most interesting is the "logic" supporting positions taken by the website's contributers.  But an opinion piece on the Cornell systematic review of studies concerning food environments and eating was a bit of a shock.  Caroline…


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Whether To Prevent Cervical Cancer in Africa: Debate from Rwanda Spills into the Lancet

After the dust settled from the UN High Level Meeting on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in September, the really hard work began.  Delegates from around the globe who had heard speech after speech about the depth of the problem, returned to capitals and began to grapple with their own health planning processes. In many places, there is a clear consensus on the need to put national programs in place…


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Take Action to Protect Prevention Funding - or We Will Pay in the Long Run

As the curtain falls on 2011, Congress is struggling to complete its unfinished business, including finalizing the federal budget for 2012, and, once again, public health is being shortchanged. A recent payroll tax proposal released by House Republicans would cut the Prevention and Public Health Fund by 68% to avoid a scheduled 27% cut in payments to Medicare physicians.  


While slashing current Medicare provider reimbursements would be devastating and could cause millions of…


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GOJoven Country Representative from Honduras visits the U.S. to share her experience in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human Rights


Public Health Institute’s GOJoven program has, since its inception in 2004, engaged and trained hundreds of young advocates from across Latin America in reproductive and sexual health advocacy. Among the most vibrant of these is GOJoven’s Country Representative for Honduras, Vanessa Siliezar. She is an attorney, who has written extensively about ways to prevent domestic violence in Latin America. Her biography is…


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Mental Health: School-site mental health screening for teens

Adolescence is a period of tremendous physical and psychological change. Books aimed at teens often characterize those years as being about hair growing in unexpected places and emotions.  The teen years can be difficult for those without the guidance and involvement of parents or a strong parental presence.  The result can be defiant, impulsive, aggressive and/or self-destructive behavior.  Results recently released from a study in Wisconsin bring  good news.

Routine high school…


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