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Dotcom Pioneer Weighs In: Health reform begins with prevention

Steve Case is the co-founder of America Online, the nation's first successful email provider. He is chairman of the Case Foundation, and chairman and chief executive of Revolution, an umbrella corporation that supports companies with innovative business models. Granted, Case stresses individual behavior change as key, but prevention needs to be kept in the spotlight whenever possible.

Excerpt of article from the Washington Post

By Steve Case

Friday, January 1,…

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RESOURCE: New Urbanism 101-A good intro to principles of liveable communities for newbies

HAPPY 2010!

It's already 2010 here in St. Louis, MO. If any of the public health types on this network are thinking of work-related resolutions, I have a suggestion. I noticed several posts where folks are interested in getting a bit more grounded in the basics of planning/land use principles. The website below offers a nice straight forward set of on-line pieces for newbies out there. (Good idea to sound as if you have some understanding about what you are talking about.… Continue

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PolicyLink health & equitable transportation report a good primer for transportation policy neophytes

While we are all focussed on health reform, we will be gearing up soon to keep active transportation provisions in the Transportation Bill (T-Bill). PolicyLink released an excellent report on the impact transportation policy can have on health. The link will take you to the full report.

REPORT-Transportation Prescription-Health & Transportation PolicyLink.pdf

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READ THIS BOOK! Toward the Healthy City by James Corburn

Jason Corburn's book Toward the Healthy City is a gem! Here is the blurb from the email I received. As a planner, I found the book very helpful in providing a framework for healthy city planning & keeping everyone involved honest by incorporating monitoring & stressing community involvement with a very grassrootsy underpinning. This book is super timely given the push by the Obama Administration to bring HUD & DOT together. These are very exciting times.

Book… Continue

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RESEARCH BRIEF: Obesity seen through the lens of health disparities

Obesity prevention is relatively new to public health. A sense of urgency has set into motion a variety of interventions with very little research to validate their potential for effectiveness. Research informs action; and the research approach influences actions taken to address a problem. Paula Braverman's article in the July 2009 issue of Preventing Chronic Disease suggests that without a health disparities perspective to obesity research, interventions may miss the… Continue

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Research finding: Local availability of fresh fruit & vegetable may not increase consumption by the poor

Farmer's markets are springing up in many neighborhoods. The recent introduction of the food financing measure in Congress is a sign of the importance of fresh fruit and vegetable availability as an equity issue. But research from the USDA raises questions about likelihood on increased consumption of fruits & vegetables by those at 130% of poverty. These results open an area of discussion about the need for better understanding about the food preferences/consumption of low income families.… Continue

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Good Summary: Washington Post article (12/25/09) overview of healthcare reform legislative food fight

Have you ever taken your dog (bag in hand) for a walk and found the sidewalk littered with Fido droppings? Well, the road to healthcare reform has not been sweet-smelling either. Sure, we passed bills that have slipped by many a house speaker and senate leader, not to mention several POTUSs. But the partisanship that has made the nation ignore important issues such as excellence in public education and science literacy was on full display. Republicans showed their colors producing a laughably… Continue

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Sports legend blames Scottish government for ill-health among women

At one of the social events I attended while visiting friends in the U.S., the topic of athletic super stars was discussed. Thankfully, the marital problems of the most recent sports legend to display poor judgement were not mentined. Instead, we discussed how sports figures are not as active in promoting good health habits in the U.S.

The problem overweight girls has been in the news in Scotland as a result of scathing criticism against government indifference from a legendary rugby… Continue

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Leading landscape architect discusses CDC's healthy community design efforts

Much of the discussion taking place in landscape architecture these days revolves around climate change design issues. There is very little direct discussion of how the profession can have an impact on diseases caused by sedentary living. Paul Morris-former president ofthe American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), speaks directly to the issue of healthy community design & landscape architecture.

This article is from Dirt, the ASLA blog.…


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Walkscore scores again with software that promotes walkable communities

Thanks to a grant from the Rockerfeller Foundation, Front Seat (civic uses for softwear), is developing

software that can make using public transportation more efficient. Front Seat's wildly popular Walkscore is being used by residential real estate agents to market their listings as part of walkable/pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods.

According to Front Seat's website:

Our mission is to help make public transit more convenient. For example, an app that lets you know when… Continue

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Basic info: Compression of morbidity explained for the layperson like me

Three sets of friends were able to get through the air traffic skylock to join me and my partner for dinner today. One couple was from Toronto-wife a nurse practitioner and the husband an engineer. I mentioned D4H and Anita shared this website with me that oddly enough explained something I had a lot of trouble understanding. Hope someone finds this useful.

A large volume of research has looked at whether and to what extent there has in fact been a compression of morbidity. It may… Continue

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USDA STUDY FINDINGS: WIC not linked to overweight in children

The USDA's electronic newsletter, Amber Waves, featured a story on the role of WIC in childhood obesity. Many low income children participate in WIC & that group tends to have high rates of overweight/obesity. The study seems to show that WIC participation does not increase the likelihood of obesity in children.

Go to the link:…


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Veggies in the hood & wherever needed: National Fresh Food Initiative resolution in Congress

Good news in my Inbox today I want to share. A fellow victory gardner received this email concerning

Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.) and 20 co-sponsors introducing a resolution in support of a National Fresh Food Financing Initiative (NFFFI), based on a highly successful program in Pennsylvania.

Click on the link for more info.

How a fresh food financing initiative works…


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EXCELLENT READ: Physical Activity & Health Promotion explains basics of physical activity as effective obesity prevention strategy

My head is spinning trying to get a solid grounding in the range of options we have to prevent obesity. At the end of last year, I made a resolution for 2009 to know why so much work is going into preventing obesity by finding ways of working with organizations like tmy organization the Boys & Girls Clubs.

I purchased the book Physical Activity & Health Promotion finally finished it last weekend. was the only resolution I kept. The authors present an excellent… Continue

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OK Health Plan, School Lunch Meat Standards Named "Best, Worst Prevention Ideas of the Week"

Oklahoma’s new plan to improve the state’s health system has been named Partnership for Prevention’s “Best Prevention Idea of the Week,” while school lunches that don’t meet the quality or safety standards of many fast-food restaurants was named “Worst Prevention Idea of the Week.”…

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ARTICLE: Obesity Economics 101 places focus on economic inequities as the root of health inequities

An article in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition offers a different view of what drives obesity. More supermarkets in low income neighborhoods may not be the answer if healthier foods are expensive. The make a strong case that the obesity epidemic has its roots in economics and that healthy eating/active living options may be an elitist approach to public health. Elitist---pretty strong language.

An abstract and the full article can be read by clicking on the link.…


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Miami: Walking the talk to become America's #1 pedestrian-friendly city

Copied from the Congress for the New Urbanism website

After a 4-1 vote by city commissioners, Miami, Florida will no longer have the conventional zoning code that helped make much of the city chiefly navigable by car and created harsh juxtapositions between new high-rises and existing fabric such as bungalows and small storefront buildings. Replacing it city-wide is a new urbanist form-based code — based on the Smartcode model code template — that calls for convenient,… Continue

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Mark your calendars: Federal Communication Commission report on media & childhood obesity expected July 2010

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) appears to be making strides in building a case for policy changes concerning food marketing to children. The FCC is the big dog on the block with sufficient institutional heft to curbing the reach of food marketers on television. The FCC played a pivotal role in bringing an end to cigarette ads on TV. Couple emerging evidence about contributing factors to childhood obesity and a reputation for sound decisions that impact health, the FCC July 2010… Continue

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KISS Method applies to health disparities & social determinants of health discussions with lay audiences

RWJ's Commission to Build a Healthier America issued a brief summarizing simple messages concerning social determinants of health and health equity. As public health folks begin to take the concepts of social determinants & health equity to a lay audience, the conversation needs to engage not intimidate or ,to be totally honest, not be as boring as listening to paint dry.

Remember how all Snoopy can hear is blah blah blah but pays attention when he hears words that matter to him?… Continue

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Berlin Brothel Embraces Active Transportation?

Yes..this is still a vanilla site, but I could not resist this title. But seriously is an excellent example of research that demonstrates how active transportation options (walking biking) made possible by thinking of transporatation as also a chance to maintain & improve health. The piece comes from the website Obesity Panacea.

Click on the link to read the article on the Obesity Panacea website.…


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