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Apply Now for the National Leadership Academy for the Public's Health!

Are You a Leader Working Across Sectors?

The National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health (NLAPH) offers an innovative approach by bringing together teams of leaders from multiple sectors to actively engage their communities to  achieve health equity.

Do You Learn By Doing?

We use blended learning modalities including webinars, a retreat, coaching from national experts, and peer networking to advance your team’s skills and…


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Healthy food at airports?

It used to be you could only get a slice of pizza or a cheeseburger while waiting to board your flight. So it's great to hear that airports are increasingly offering healthy food options. These high-fiber, low-fat foods are great for weary travelers in order to rev up their energy and aid in digestion. And while its great that 83% of restaurants in the busiest airports attest to having a healthy option on their menus, this may still be only one option among many unhealthy ones. …


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NCDs: Let’s Not Forget About Social Determinants of Health

Non communicable diseases (NCDs), mainly cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes and chronic lung disease, are responsible for roughly two out of every three deaths today. Other NCDs, including mental illness, accidents, renal disease and dental disease, kill or maim millions more. The World Health Organization (WHO) is now putting the final touches on a draft Action Plan…


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RAMP Digest — September 20, 2012

20 September 2012

Funding Opportunities



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A TENUOUS CURE: Medical respite care for the homeless

The Great Recession has moved middle class and working class into precarious living arrangements.  Some individuals are living with friends at times moving frequently, perhaps several nights a week, to another friend's or acquaintace's apartment or home. In some instances, individuals are renting a sofa from an acquaintance for eight hours sometime during the day or night to have a safe place to sleep.  We don't consider individulas with somewhat unconventional living arrangements homeless…


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UN Action Plan on Non Communicable Diseases Does Little for Children and Adolescents

During Spring and Summer of 2012, World Health Organzation (WHO) staff and interested member states have been  at work preparing a series of documents as follow up to the September 2011 High Level Meeting on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs). They have pored through hundreds of comments, position papers, speeches and technical information to create…


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VIDEO: Integrating Mental Health into Primary Care featuring Jurgen Unutzer, MD, MPH, MA

Primary care is experiencing rapid changes under health reform.  You may be familiar with the emphasis on health information technology, patient centered medical homes, and efforts to expand the health workforce.  However, integration of mental health into primary care settings is also a by-product of health reform. 

The video features Jurgen Unutzer, MD, MPH, MA, the driving force behind the IMPACT Model-an evidence based model of…


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NO FLIPPIN' STRATEGY DOCUMENT REQUIRED: How community activists created community gardens by taking over vacant land

She calls it propaganda gardening.  Pam Warhurst is the co-founder of England's Incredible Edible.   Incredible Edible takes over vacant land and creates community gardens.  All done without a "flippin' strategy document."  

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RAMP Digest — July 19, 2012

19 July 2012


Webinar: Asthma…


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House Agriculture Committee Clears 2012 Farm Bill with Severe Cuts to Nutrition Programs

Very early this morning, after a long day of debate, the House Agriculture Committee reported the 2012 Farm Bill, H.R. 6083, the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act (FARRM), out of committee by a bipartisan vote of 35-11.


The Public Health Institute (PHI) strongly opposes the $16.5 billion in cuts that H.R. 6083 makes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). If these cuts were enacted, up to 3 million individuals would no longer receive the food…


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UNICEF Begins to Tackle NCDs in Children and Adolescents

Dr. Nicholas Alipui, director of programs at UNICEF, announced last week that the agency has decided to update its iconic information resource "Facts for Life" to include information about non communicable diseases (NCDs) in children and adolescents. Speaking at a Ministerial breakfast as part of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on July 6, Dr. Alipui said that by updating "Facts for Life" with information about NCDs,…


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OPTING OUT MAY NOT BE AN OPTION: Hospitals telling anti-health reform governors to expand Medicaid

You're going to see a major intensification of lobbying at the state level by the hospitals and the doctors," said John Gorman, a health-care consultant and former lobbyist. "They will scream for this money because they would rather see

more people covered under Obama's signature initiative than have bad debt."…


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CARTOON: SCOTUS ACA decision- MikeLukovich

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Intel launches health reform & technology video post SCOTUS

I wonder if this video was held in the "can" until the Supreme Court's health reform decision.  My question is: who is the target population for this message. The message seems a bit muted for the general population.  Seasoned health care sector practitioners are not easily swayed by high production values.  In any event, take a look.

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NO MORE WAITING TO EXHALE: Population health contingent weighs-in on SCOTUS ACA decision

A huge collective sigh of relief was heard across the nation this morning when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act will be the law of the land.  Foes and supporters will be pouring over gallons on of ink and gigabytes and information this weekend trying to determine the meaning and devilish details of the decision.  Below are are few same-day reactions from population health organizations across the country.  Click on the link after each quote to read complete…


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What's the big deal about "greenspace"?



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RAMP Digest --June 21st, 2012


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Everything Has a Time: Being a Girl in Liberia


We are pleased to invite you to view our latest AGALI video.  As you know, the AGALI team was recently in Liberia for our 2012 advocacy training.  We took the opportunity to visit one of our grantee’s projects while we were there. We were immediately both impressed and humbled by our visit at THINK’s Safe Home for Girls just outside of Monrovia.  The need for advocacy is great in Liberia and the work our Fellows are doing on behalf of girls is powerful.…


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