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Repost: Scientists struggling to get funding for vaginal gel for women with HIV/AIDS

Scientists struggling to get funding for vaginal gel for women with HIV/AIDS

Posted on Women's Views on News by Alison Clarke on September 27, 2010

South African scientists were in New York… Continue

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OP-ED COLUMNIST: Birth Control Over Baldness :: NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF :: The New York Times

Op-Ed Columnist

Birth Control Over Baldness


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Vegetable marketers reinventing their client's image to no avail

America is starting to take eating vegetables seriously. The industry is respositioning baby carrots as public enemy number one and heirloom squash is being auctioned at Sotheby's for $1,000. Will vegetables eventually become "hot" as America's younger set would say?

Told to Eat Its Vegies-America Orders Fries NYT 9-24-10.pdf

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Portland's bike coordinator wheels and deals :: Tom Bell :: The Portland Press Herald

Portland's bike coordinator wheels and deals

Bruce Hyman is seeking millions in grant money for bicycle and pedestrian improvements in the city.

By Tom Bell…


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CMS releases final rule on meaningful use of electronic health records

At the center of health reform is the electronic health record-the central nervous system of health reform efforts. What will drive healthcare quality and cost reduction in the years ahead is the information captured, stored, retrieved, and analyzed to improve clinical outcomes for all patients.

This is not a policy post. It is a basic information post to put what we see taking place in healthcare in context for public health professionals, particularly those who work…


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Making Better Use of the Policies and Funding We Already Have :: CDC :: Raymond J. Baxter, PhD


Making Better Use of the Policies and Funding We Already Have

Raymond J. Baxter, PhD

Volume 7: No. 5, September 2010

The potential for population health reform could be enhanced by assessing whether we have made the most of policies and resources already available. Opportunities to promote population health independent of major changes in resources or public authority…


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WENDY'S SALADS-Should we fault them for trying?

The fast food industry is feeling a bit self-conscious given that problem of obesity is being traced back to their dishes. So it is not surprizing that large chains have started to tout their greener dishes. Wendy's, a better than average fast food option, has four new salads on the menu. However, it seems they are not as healthy as they are being marketed. The Orange County register's review was sent to me by a fellow food importer.…


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Parks & Public Health Toolkit-On the pilot nursing assistant program syllabus

Summer is over and it is back to teaching another batch of students. This year we are piloting a nursing assistant program with the hope of filling the pipeline with students of color who can take advantage of health reform workforce programs or funds. Vacationing in Greece (go visit...they need our money) was a good decision, and the lecture at the nursing college was well-received. A special "shout out" to Tamar Knox who I connected with on this network for tips that came in handy in the Q…


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A healthy nation must include all who call this country their home :: Carmen Nevarez :: The Nation’s Health, American Public Health Association

The Nation's Health September 2010 vol. 40 no. 7 3

American Public Health Association

Carmen Nevarez, MD, MPH

I spent my…


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Checking In On Teen Mental Health: Don’t Parents Know Their Kids Best?

“We had no idea that things were this bad.” I hear that so often from parents when they find out their teen has been struggling with a mental disorder. And it never fails to break my heart. I can relate to their bewilderment – that feeling of being totally blindsided. I said exactly these words when my own daughter made a suicide attempt some years ago. I knew that she had been withdrawn, but I chalked it up to typical teen behavior. I thought I knew my child and that if something was seriously… Continue

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