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LONG OVERDUE-Spotlight on rural health in America

While states with large rural areas are seen as net beneficiaries of federal resources, public health departments serving rural areas are not resource rich when compared to urban/metro suburban departments.  Rural departments often lack the resources (financial and skill set) to deal with the challenges they face.  It is possible that the dire financial straights of states with large areas of rural territory may begin to look at regional models versus the stand-alone county structure in…


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7 Billion Reasons

The world's population will soon hit 7 billion.  Read my latest article in the summer issue of Ms. Magazine (http://www.msmagazine.com/summer2011/7billionreasons.asp) to find out how investing in women's empowerment and comprehensive reproductive health can help to ensure the health and welfare of our growing global population. …


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Great New Books from APHA!


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APHA provides the most up to…


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Global Democracy Promotion Act Could Save Women's Lives

On July 25, Congresswoman Nita Lowey once again introduced The Global Democracy Promotion Act (HR 2639). If adopted, this short and simple bill would accomplish a significant goal – banning future Presidential administrations from imposing the Mexico City Policy through executive memorandum. The Mexico City Policy (also known…


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The shame of unhealthy lifestyle habits depicted on The New Yorker's cover

The New Yorker can be counted on to bring the absurd to serious matters. 

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WHO Creating New Targets for NCD Reduction

Among the many issues to confront the global health community in tackling the rising tide of non communicable disease (NCDs) is how best to measure the extent of the epidemic. This has become an urgent issue in the short period remaining before the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs, scheduled to take place at the UN General Assembly on September 19-20, 2011.  Many advocates argue that without a concrete…


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Multipurpose Prevention Technologies - CALL FOR ABSTRACTS

Please forward widely!  We welcome your research.



Feel free to contact Liz with any questions, or check out the CAMI website.


Liz Cretti





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We now have over 700 members!

We now have over 700 members! Welcome to the D4H Community.


Join our Greet team!

We would like to invite you to join our Greet team and help us welcome other members. To join, please go to http://dialogue4health.ning.com/group/greetteam


What do you think?

One of our members,…


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Lance Armstrong Launches Signature Campaign for NCDs

Lance Armstrong, the founder of the nonprofit LIVESTRONG, has launched a signature campaign around the non communicable disease (NCD) issue.  The goal of the campaign is to gather at least 100,000 signatures from around the world, urging political leaders to attend the upcoming UN High Level Meeting on NCDs in New York over September 19-20, 2011, and return home to stop these illnesses and provide treatment…


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Congratulations Taraneh Salke!

Congratulations Taraneh Salke!

email from Ms. Salke ~


"Dear all,


I am pleased to inform you that our documentary film "Where Are the Men?", about family planning in Afghanistan, has won 1st place in the Short Documentary category at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival. Our film has been selected…


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THE BIG UNEASY-Hurricane Katrina documentary presents disaster planning gone wrong from Jump Street

Hurricane Katrina has faded from the national psyche, but millions continue to live with the results of the disaster.  Harry  Shearer, one of the voices on the television show The Simpsons, is responsible for one of the most useful pieces of work about Katrina.  He looks at how Katrina was a disaster waiting to happen.  What I like about the film is the fact that it points to one of the basics:  preventing disasters begins with sticking to the best known science and technnology we have…


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World Population Day: A Call for Investment in Women

Today, July 11, is World Population Day. On October 31 of this year, the world’s population is estimated to reach 7 billion people.  In a lot of ways, reaching 7 billion marks a global achievement: People are living longer thanks to healthier lifestyles and great strides in medicine and agriculture. However, a world of 7 billion also poses challenges.  Gaps between the rich and poor are increasing dramatically; urbanization and migration continue to put pressures on already crowded cities;…


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Former First Lady Betty Ford-An unlikely public health advocate


First Lady Michelle Obama has been embraced by the public health community for championing childhood obesity prevention. However, before there was Michelle Obama, there was former first lady Betty Ford. Mrs. Ford died of natural causes on July 8, 2011 at the age of 93. Mrs. Ford’s contribution to public health was personal and above all courageous. While she was first lady, she placed a familiar face on breast cancer by speaking about her diagnosis and radical mastectomy. She also…


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Why Some Patients Can't Follow Their Doctor's Orders

I found this article in the NY Times yesterday.  . A Problem in Following Doctor's Orders  Low health is an all too common problem, or in this case, illiteracy. There are hundreds or reasons patients do not follow their physician's orders, few we can do much about, but we can address  health iteracy and physician-patient communication. Check out the IOM video on You…


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Call to Action Against Pervasive Marketing of Junk Food to Kids Made at Childhood Obesity Conference


At the 6th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference held last week in San Diego, Lori Dorfman sounded a clear warning: Kids are exposed to more junk food marketing than ever, with a veritable onslaught of advertisements delivered online and through a variety of digital media platforms. Dorfman, who directs PHI’s Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG), called on public…


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