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What's New at the Public Health Institute -- April 29, 2010


a) PHI endorses new lines drawn on toys in unhealthy “kids meals”

b) PHI…


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PHI & Strategic Alliance Action Alert: Act Now! Support Santa Clara County's Bold Step with Toy Ordinance

This Public Health Institute/Strategic Alliance action alert is being sent out with additional resources to accompany the rapid response alert that was sent on Tuesday, after the vote in Santa Clara County.…


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healthreform.gov : Excellent one-stop source for consumers to learn about PPACA benefits & provisions

DHHS has a website dedicated to all things PPACA. It includes information for consumers & a bit of horn-blowing by the department. There are a number of sites that aim to report PPACA implementation developments from a variety of perspectives-HIT, Medicare, pharma, etc. Thus far healthreform.gov seems to be geared toward the public/consumer.


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Being Green: At Home & At Work

The Earth may be old, but Earth Day turned 40 in April 2010. It’s a reminder to think more about climate change, carbon footprints, the Earth’s future and what each of us can do to help save our planet.…


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Alcohol Research Group is on twitter!

Welcome to twitter ARG!

Follow the Alcohol Research Group at http://twitter.com/argphi

Visit their website at http://www.arg.org/

Add them as a friend http://dialogue4health.ning.com/profile/AlcoholResearchGroup…


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THE QUESTION IN HEALTH REFORM: Do supply and demand equation assumptions apply to health care?

The elementary economic concept of supply & demand is probably one of the most studied areas of health economics. As an economist I can delve into econometric models on endless regression equations to understand the confusion arguments that take place when the question of where the demand for health care comes from. A futurist (can someone explain to me this means?) named Joe Flower has an explanation, one of many, that is easy to follow.…


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Canada's Integrated Strategy on Healthy Living and Chronic Disease draws from lessons learned elsewhere

We often hear the U.S. is far behind other countries in its approach to public health. This is particularly the case with chronic disease. We have all seen the data: the US spends trillions and has little to show for such a hefty medical care tab. Canada is often characterized as public health nirvana with universal access to care and better stats to show for the effort.

The Canadians are quite willing to test approaches that were successful elsewhere in their provinces. The Canadian…


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ARTICLE-Prestigious health panel recommends reducing salt intake

I am surprised that more work has not been done to get the word out about salt. Many of my African American friends have high blood pressure and have told me of their struggle to keep sodium intake to a minimum. One physican mentioned that over 20 years ago, there was a campaign in targeting African Americans simply to raise awareness of hypertension as a "silent killer" and encourage daily use of high blood presure medication. Sodium reduction was just one of many recommendations to…


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What would it cost us to treat the uninsured with and without the new health reform law?

A report by John Halohan & Bowen_Garrett of the Urban Institute answers the question.


"In this report the authors estimate that under the health reform bill passed by the Senate, the cost of uncompensated care will fall from $62.1 billion in 2009 to $46.6 billion in 2019. If no health reform is enacted, they project that uncompensated care would rise to between $107 and $141 billion in 2019. Over the six-year period of proposed health reform legislation, 2014–2019,…


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NonProfit Times Named PHI as one of the Best Places to Work in 2010

I am extremely proud to announce that the NonProfit Times has selected the Public Health Institute as a winner in its First Annual List of the 50 top ranked nonprofit “Best Places to Work in 2010.”

The Public Health Institute is ranked number six among…


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Good summary of health reform law from Kaiser Family Foundation

Kaiser has a good summary of the law. It is 33 pages long, but that is an improvement over 2100+ pages.


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We Take Sides :: Healthy in a Hurry - What is it?


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Not so odd obesity cures: Nanotechnology & other disruptive foods to the rescue (Banana 2.0)

Imagine a pill that targets fat molecules before they are metabolized. This is not a hoax by a fly-by-night nutrition snakeoil salesman. Farmers & scientists are working to change the way we eat to benefit our health.

What is not well understood in other fields is that technology evolves because someone is willing to do/try something that appears stupid, naive, or nutty to the mainstream AND someone else (with deep pockets we hope) is watching to see how things go or why…


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GOOD INFO FOR PUBLIC HEALTH PEOPLE: Active Communities/Transportation Research Group

Copied from website

The Active Communities / Transportation (ACT) Research Group serves as a focal point of research among students, faculty, and researchers who specialize in land use-transportation policies and programs relating to "active" communities and/or "active" transportation. The group is based at the University of Colorado (Boulder and Denver). Current projects include examining the factors influencing the types of neighborhoods households choose, how individuals…


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CAMPAIGN : Get the word out about active transportation bill in Congress

My husband is a civil engineer so his professional organization keeps up with infrastructure legislation/projects. Walking/biking trails are not big ticket items for these firms, but he did send me an email concerning a bill in Congress introduced by a congressman from Oregon.

Apparently, the bill would provide funds for more walking, biking, hiking/running trails in cities and towns. So here is the link to the campaign.…


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REPORT: Active Transportation for America from Rails to Trails Conservancy

The Rails to Trails Conservancy (RTC) issued an excellent report that is being used as a key advocacy document for U.S. Representative Ed Blumenaur's (OR) bill to build more federal funds to foster pedestrian/cyclist friendly projects in the nation''s communities.


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Addicted to Plastic (Link to Video)

"Can’t live without it, can’t destroy it. Addicted to plastic is a documentary focusing on the worldwide production and environmental effects of plastic. The host takes a 2-year trip around the world to give us a better understanding of the life cycle of plastic."

Link to Free Documentaries Online:


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Living Long and Living Well

By Dr. Mehmet Oz

Published: February 10, 2010

"When explorer and longevity investigator Dan Buettner guided me into the Costa Rican rain forest last year in preparation for an Oprah show on longevity, each of the centenarians I met there greeted me with the customary "Pura vida" — variously translated as "Pure life," "Full of life" or even "This is living!"

Link to the NYTimes article…


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Factory Food :: By HANNAH FAIRFIELD :: The New York Times

Very interesting chart in this article. Good visuals on the amount of processed food we eat and the lack of veggies. Is the new idea fresh simple food?

"No country has embraced the movement toward commercialized, prepackaged food as much as the United States.


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