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JAMIE OLIVER VINDICATED: Study shows healthier school menu = higher test scores + better attendance in UK schools

David Letterman mocked Jaime Oliver's crusade to change the eating habits of the unhealthiest town in America-Huntington West, Virginia. Letterman may have made a fool of himself (again) by poking fun at Oliver's crusade.

From 3/29/2010

"So Jamie Oliver will doubtless be relieved to hear of a…


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U.S. Marxist magazine not critical of healthcare reform law

I did not think a Marxist publication like Political Affairs Magazine would be more or less uncritical about the new healthcare reform law. The hospital and insurance industry have been given a gift of nearly 35,000 new patients & beneficiaries, respectively.

" A number of commentators have described the law as the biggest reversal of inequality in America since LBJ's Great Society program. We…


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Toronto Star columnist weighs in on Obamacare

Canadians came back down to earth from the Olympic gold medal hockey win just in time to watch the weird spectacle of an entire political party reject a not-so-bad healthcare reform bill. Thomas Walkom of the Toronto had this to say:

"By any standard, this is a big government exercise. Congress is insisting that virtually all Americans buy health insurance. Then, through a complex system of subsidies and grants, it is having government pick up some of their costs. But…


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INTERVIEW: Jamie Oliver on NPR's Living on Earth 3/27/10

I am a lover of the great outdoors so I listen to Living on Earth on NPR. I was surprised to hear the host interviewing a chef, Jamie Oliver, who I found out about on this network.

Here is the interview transcript and the link to the Real Player & MP3 audio versions.

Scroll down (a lot) until you see the transcript of the interview on the Living on Earth website.…


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Health care reform bill myths and facts from Huffington Post

It is hard to find out exactly what is in the healthcare reform law. As an instructor, I tried to find a simple summary from a reputable source for my students. The best I could do is the Huffington Post. If anyone in this network knows of another source of information, please let me know.

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Salt is a major health problem that industry can solve

A recent article on Medscape takes a look at the other deadly incredient in our diets-salt. Fat has been getting as lot of attention because of the obesity problerm. Researchers found that taking out 3 grams per day could save $20+ billion in healthcare costs and reduce strokes by about 30,000. The article Halt the salt! Please was written by Sandra Fryhofer, MD of Emory University School of Medicine. It is available at…


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RWJF News Digest: Childhood Obesity March 1, 2010

RWJF News Digest:…


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Health reform bill requires calorie info on big chain menus

Although I am most interested in IT parts of health reform. I was surprised to find out some of the other things in the bilol. For example, I did not know that major food chains will have to post calories/nutrition info on their menus.

I sure wish they had done this when I was a student eating mostly fast food. But I don't think it would have mattered to me then.…


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Rural communities have food deserts as well

Another victory gardner from California found this blog post and shared it with me. I realized he had a point. As I read through the posts on this site about food & health, most of the information is about cities or at least places that are pretty well populated.

Rural America has just as much of a problem with obesity (he said a lot of California's small counties have obesity problems). Maybe city dwellers have an outdated idea of rural living as being quaint & not full of…


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The Cost of Being Thin in America, We Take Sides

by Liz Henderson on March 22, 2010

Historically, being poor meant being hungry and being hungry meant that you were thin. Today, the poor in America are still hungry, but more often then not they are also excessively fat. Today, being poor doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have access to food, being poor means you don’t have access to nutrition.



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HEALTHCARE REFORM: Kaiser Health News website coverage of last days before passage of bill

I am probably one of hundreds of supporters of healthcare reform who are trying to figure out exactly what is in the bill that just passed.

I think the best coverage from the perspective of health practitioners who care about public health is done by Kaiser Health News (KHN). Here are a few articles from their website that I read to determine what provisions will be implemented when.

1. The Immediate Effects of the Health Reform Bill…


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An historical moment in U.S. health care's history-so why the hysteria?

My work is far removed from how people get well or how they get sick. My only interest in healthcare reform was about health information technology not only as a consumer, but also as a systems computing engineer. I did not follow much of what was happening after Christmas, but what got my attention was the anger and even hysteria from elected officials and the public.

This entire health reform bill seemed to be more about getting ready to run for office in 2010 than anything else for…


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USDA Economic Research Service: 100 years of data about American eating habits

I am a doctoral student who gets very excited about data. Your country is a candy store that keeps tired PhD (economics) candidates up at night with a rush of excitement. My home country has nothing like this.

Since 1909 ERS has captured changes in US food purchasing and consumption patterns for practically any mainstream food (over 60+ commodities) item you can imagine from the supply side. What is disappointing is that the data cannot be categorized by region,…


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Salt-reduction policy could reduce mortality rates-Medscape

Fat is the thing the public is being told to cut out of their diet, but salt is also a problem. Obesity tends to be accompanied by hypertension (high blood pressure-HTN)-a risk factor for cardiovascular disease & stroke-, made worse by high sodium intake. The article, written by Lisa Nainggolan for Medscape's Heatwire, is based on research at Stanford University. The researchers urge us to move salt up on the public health policy to-do list.

"A coalition of…


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Technology & Public Health: eHealth solutions using mobile technology to help obese people

Mobile networks are used in Africa to help with vaccinating people and even more complicated health work. The article I am contributing gives a number of suggestions about how technology can help public health reach a wide range of people and sub-sections of those people to deliver a range of content that can help people eat better food and spend more time exercising. Here is an interesting paragraph

" However, the trend toward rapid convergence of these…


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USDA report poo poo's food deserts.....sort of

The food deserts idea may be getting push-back. Most people still see overeating as a choice that is made because people lack self-control or discipline. A report released by the USDA is not going to help at all. The USDA believes food deserts exist, but the report makes it clear that there aren't many studies that say better food options lead to lowering weight.

The report's webpage reads:

This report fills a request for a study of food…


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FOOD DUDES: Brainwashing kids to like fruits and vegetables

A group of psychologists at Bangor University in Wales developed a programme that was proven successful in changing a child's eating habits for the better. The program is not that well known outside the UK, but has been gaining a following. WHO has given a nod of approval. Yes, we need to be cautious about demonstrating efficacy, but it is a start.

According to the website:

The Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme is a school-based intervention designed for use in…


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