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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution: Publicity or public health

America is experiencing another British invation in the form of Jamie Oliver. Some of my friends in the US are being rather unkind me these days. Their complaint: Jamie Oliver is only doing his food series, scheduled to air in March, as a marketing exercise. His work in the UK seemed genuine enough they say, but the Huntington, West Virginia series is simply another reality show that claims to be saving a bunch of "regular" folks from a stay in an intensive care…


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TIGER funds Complete Streets: Stimulus funds flow to create opportunities for physical activity

The lion's share of ARRA funds are just starting to flow into the economy. Last week the Department of Transportation announced $1.5 billion dollars in funding from the Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) program. Applications totalled $60 billion, reflecting tight budgets at the state & local levels.

Complete Streets measures to increase physical activity were evident in many of the grant applications.

Click on the link for additional…


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HEALTH AFFAIRS: Obesity driving increase in medical spending

Health Affairs (Web Exclusives) confirms that obesity is the leading cost driver in medical care across all payer sources. Complications associated with obesity, primarily chronic disease, accounted for the increase in Medicare spending from 1987-2006.

Annual Medical Spending Attributable to Obesity: Payer-and service-specific estimates

July 2009…


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Smart Growth America report good place to start understanding link between sprawl and health

I found the report Measuring the Effects of Sprawl very helpful in understanding evidence of the impact of land use decisions on obesity and physical activity. As a planner I needed to understand the evidence that is the foundation for health communities. Although the report was released nearly seven years ago, it was the first national study on the subject.

Excerpt from press realease…


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The H1N1 Epidemic: What was all the fuss about

Recent polls show that a not-so-insignificant proportion of the public thinks the H1N1 epidemic was more hype than health threat. Perhaps references to the 1918 epidemic led the average person to believe that we would see patients packed into hospital rooms and long lines out the door of emergency departments. Thankfully, it was the public health system that prevented such scenes from becoming reality.

An opinion piece in the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune places an…


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IT'S HERE: The Food Environment Atlas from the USDA

Activities to document our food environment are gaining momentum. The USDA released a web-based tool that provides several food & physical activity indicators for all counties in the nation.

The Atlas assembles statistics on three broad categories of food environment factors:

  • Food Choices—Indicators of the community's access to and acquisition of healthy, affordable food, such as: access and proximity to a grocery store; number of foodstores and…


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JAMA examines the dynamics of obesity and chronic disease in children & youth

The Journal of the American Medical Association has made obesity and chronic illness articles in its 2/17/2010 issue available free of charge. The childhood obesity epidemic is well documented; however, substantial change is hard to find. These articles should be read by every school board, city council, and state house representative in the nation.

Healthcare reform community health provisions provided some hope; however, healthcare reform has become a political football. Let us hope…


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Report Card on Health, Ill-Fitting Condoms named Best/Worst Prevention Ideas of the Week

The new report card that compares the health of U.S. counties was named the “Best Prevention Idea of the Week,” while the study showing that poorly fitting condoms contribute to improper use was named “Worst Prevention Idea of the Week.”…


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AJPH Article: The Ubiquity of Energy-dense Snack Foods: A National Multicity Study

The authors confirm that we live in an obesogenic environment nearly 24-7.

Authors: Thomas A. Farley, MD, MPH; Erin T. Baker, MS; Lauren Futrell, RD, MPH; Janet C. Rice, PhD

Abstract & Introduction

Objectives. We assessed the availability and accessibility of energy-dense snacks in retail stores whose primary merchandise was not food and whether these varied by store type, region, or socioeconomic…


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East Bay Parks: Trails Challenge 2010

I love this program that Kaiser and EBP are sponsoring together! Do you have something like this in your area?

"The Trails Challenge program is a self-paced program, designed to get people fit and into the great outdoors by exploring the…


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"Prevention Matters" Podcast #23 - Rochester Businesses Promote Community Health

The cover story for a recent edition of Business Week was entitled “10 Ways to Cut Health Care Costs Right Now.” The article focused on making improved health a community effort, and it began by talking about the work being done by the Rochester Business Alliance to address obesity and physical activity… Continue

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DISTURBING FINDING: Obesity predicts premature death in study of Native Americans

"Obesity, glucose intolerance, and hypertension in childhood are strongly linked with premature death from endogenous causes in young adulthood and middle age, according to the results of a new epidemiological study in a cohort of American Indian children ."…


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Lancet Retraction, Immunization Shortfalls Named "Best, Worst Prevention Idea of the Week"

The Lancet’s retraction of a 1998 article linking autism to MMR vaccine was named the “Best Prevention Idea of the Week,” while the widespread failure of American adults to get needed immunizations was named “Worst Prevention Idea of the Week.”

The “Best/Worst” awards are announced each week in “Prevention Matters,” the blog of Partnership for Prevention. Nominees are submitted by Partnership…


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Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco "gets" connection between health and community development economics

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (FRBSF) publishes the Community Development Investment Review. FRBSF's Community Affairs Department created the Center for Community Development to research & raise the visibility of the latest efforts in providing capital to low-income and/or economically fragile communities. The summer 2009 issue (Volume 5, Issue 3) was dedicated to the impact of place/community on health.

The spectrum of disciplines &…


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True Food on the Menu

Check out this new health book from National Geographic!

Grab your fork and dig in to True Food: 8 Simple Steps to a Healthier You, a practical guide to natural, healthy food preparation and enjoyment. Each step offers creative ideas, research, and recipes to make Earth-friendly choices that benefit you, your family, and the planet. Available at… Continue

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Thank You Ning!

We are very happy that Ning has written a blog post mentioning the D4H Social Network!

"...Dialogue for Health “tackles provocative subjects by providing a Web-based platform for interaction and discussion.” …


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The DRA Project-Compendium of recommendations to reduce health disparities

The Disparities Reducing Advances Project (DRA) recommendations forwarded to me a bit after Christmas. I am just getting a chance (day off) to go through emails and forward useful information. I thought this report was an ok post for this network. I am certain some of you will find the DRA website useful. I have never heard of the project, but it is handy if you need a crash course on health disparities and/or social determinants of health. A real diamond mine of…


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Community Spark: A beginner’s guide to building a presence on Twitter

Hello, for those of you thinking of using twitter to engage a larger audience, here's a great article from Community Spark! Check them out at:


Community Spark: A beginner’s guide to building a presence on Twitter…


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