There were some great questions that came up in the HP 2020. One that particularly caught my attention was:

What is the level of engagement of the food production and processing sector? I am curious, especially with regards to the FDA guidelines, about the reduction of promotion and subsidies of "empty calorie" foods, closer regulation of GMOs, use of high fructose corn products, etc.

My sense is that food production is not considered at all, although nutrition probably is. Sad, since they are so intricately linked. I don't know this for certain, though. Does anyone else have better information?

Read more of the questions here and point out the ones you'd like to get information about or discuss!

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How does HP 2020 initiative relate to all the efforts around HealthCare Reform currently under way?

Given the inclusion of underlying health determinants in 2020, are you including specific indicators of adverse childhood experiences (e.g., child abuse, domestic violence, parental involvement in the criminal justice & with mental health problems).

¬Does HP 2020 have goals related to reducing health disparities experienced by groups not defined by race or ethnicity -- i.e., people with disabilities?

Given the comprehensive nature of HP2020, how were non-traditional partners, i.e. urban planners, business representatives, etc, engaged as part of the HP development process?

¬As data is being identified to track progress, is availability at the local level being considered?

How can businesses contribute to better health of a community? Are you talking about businesses that benefit economically or are you talking about all businesses participating on a health platform?

Will "Healthy People 2020" include resources and information regarding healthy transportation, injury prevention, and health benefits (exercise and social) of opportunities for active transportation?

While we have good national surveys that can be utilized to measure progress toward HP2020 goals, only surveys like CHIS can allow for measuring smaller racial/ethnic group disparities. Will HP2020 use CHIS for such measurement?

What are your thoughts about public education toward achieving goals around social and physical environmental determinants of health? Most people recognize behavioral or lifestyle determinants of health, but may not have as much background on other issues.

It was mentioned that the Healthy People Plan would be used in federal agencies: how will the elements of the plan be encouraged in the private and nonprofit sectors?

¬I am concerned about the apparent lack of visibility (or use) of the healthy people goals and objectives. Can you speak to why this might be the case?

¬What is the level of engagement of the food production and processing sector? I am curios especially with regards to the FDA guidelines, for the reduction of promotion of "empty calorie" foods, closer regulation of GMOs, use of high fructose corn products, etc.

Mental Health and especially depression are so much a part of our population health– does the report include some information, objectives, etc regarding mental health?

Can you tell me more about the public meeting Nov. 7 in Philadelphia?

What are we doing regarding education of undocumented youth?

Dr. Fieding, you had mentioned the Department of Justice, and I'm wondering if HP 2020 has objectives for preventing violence and increasing safety, which are tied in with social determinants of health, but I'm wondering if a goal is increasing safety.

Are there specific objectives related to health care access/coverage whether due to insurance or other programs? What, if any, assumptions were made on health care reform were made in developing these?

Is the definition of health disparity standard across DHHS and other federal agencies?

The Block grant is mentioned in several objectives. How do you see it involved, the role? It has been cut for several years, do you see an increase in the Block grant funding? Thanks.


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