The announcement for the Dec 20th health reform webinar does not mention anything about working with groups that care about good neighborhoods.  It seems you want to/or only know how to work with groups with a specific interest in health.  But it seems public health workers want to simply make neighborhoods better but are not sure who those groups might be. There is a sense that sectors matter more than people/groups who are interested in the same land use and community liveability issues.  A group that can be a good supporter of public health community/neighborhood planning/design are seniors and groups that are now interested in what is called aging in place or lifelong communities. 


This group seems a natural for the direction public health posts to this group seem to want/should be paying more attention to.


Atlanta has a regional aging in place iniative. Basic information is available at:


This is a compendium of aging in place/livability projects from the University of Iowa.  



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