There is good discussion (posts) in this group, but I do not see any basic backfound information on the Child Nutrition & WIC Reauthorization Act.   Below are several useful links. 


The Basics

The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act authorizes all of the federal school meal and child nutrition programs, which provide funding to ensure that low-income children have access to healthy and nutritious foods. The child nutrition programs touch millions of children each day, and improve educational achievement, economic security, nutrition and health.


There are several quick summaries that provide a holistic view of all food programs targeting low-income children, not only the National School Lunch Program.  There can be a broader coalition to support reauthorization if all programs created by Presidents Truman & Johnson if we focus on making healthier food options/choices government policy across the board.


The Food Research & Action Center prepared the following:

1.  FRAC 101: Child Nutrition & WIC Reauthorization Act


2.  REPORT: Commodity Foods & thd National Quality of rhe National School Lunch Program:  Historical Role, Current Operations, and Future Potential


3. National Alliance for Nutrition & Activity-Child Nutrition Act Reauthorization  Recommendations


4. United Fresh Produce Association Child Nutrition Act Reauthorization Priorities


5. Farm to School has one of the most comprehensive websites/pages dedicated to the Child Nutrition Act including healthy school food policies from over 30 states.

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