The National Journal is a publication that does not take sides.  I accidentally found a section written by transportation experts offering a lot of information that may be interesting to some of you.

There are about ten experts on public, biking, walking, urban planning, etc who discuss their topic.

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Thanks for this link -- I've passed it on to our public transportation director. I don't know if she knows about this publication, but the articles were interesting as they focused on some recent discussions our town had about replacing autoways with pedestrian-friendly walk and bikeways.

Hi Linda:

I was reading older posts & came across your reply.  Can you share how your work is moving forward.  Perhaps you can post something to this network?



Hi Guillermo -- I've been so busy that I forgot completely about adding information to my page about our progress. At the moment, we have not committed (as a city) to put dollars on the table for the changes. However, the plans are being drawn up, and they consist of the typical "slow traffic" abutments at the moment. Our problem is that a train goes through the middle of town...right down Main Street. So, when the train comes into town, CSX owns the right of way. The crossroad to this Main Street is Highway 53, which also is 1st street. The state owns that road.

Needless to say, we have our work cut out for us with signage, walkways, parking and it all has to comply with city, county, state and railroad ordinances.

Hi Linda:

Thank you for sharing your progress.  You do have your work cut out for you.  I live in Oakland, California.  We have a trains that load and unload cargo at the Port of Oakland; and the train runs down the street that borders a major retail and entertainment destination.  Our solution was no solution at all.  If the train (think 25+ cars) stops, pedestrians and vehicles can be stranded for quite some time.  The pavement takes a beating with the appearance of the occasional pothole on the roadbed with the railroad tracks.  

There must be a better solution out there. I hope yours becomes one of them.



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