The food preparation business is scratching its head to find ways to reduce calories, particularly fat, in the American diet. Fully aware that the couch potato gene is dominant, food processors are betting on interest & desire to be healthy to remain strong, but will power very weak. Click on the link to find out what the industry is cooking up in its kitchen to stop the increase in obesity.

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Desserts are not the issue. The national obesity problem is a combination of excess calories (primarily from fast food, snack foods, & high sugar drinks) resulting from low energy expenditure. The desserts discussed in the article are also geared toward an upscale market. Ben & Jerry's is expensive and most low income families would skip buying because of its price. So no....what is being tried with desserts will not have an impact on the health of people who live in food deserts.

A more legitimate source of information about food/nutrition is the Department of Agriculture's newsletter-Amber Waves. It is pretty good if you are new to nutrition & obesity discussions. It is not too technical & I read it to get a better feel for what is happening at the federal level.
Here is the link:" target="_blank


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