Greek debt crisis driving negative public health indicators

I cannot recall when I last read a report concerning the impact of the current economic downturn on public health.  We have been more focussed on health reform; and  our coverage of the economic crisis has focussed more on food insecurity and homelessness.

In its October 22 issue, The Lancet published several articles regarding the Greek debt crisis and  its impact on health services utilization, physical assault, and suicide statistics.   If anyone can refer me to a recent analysis of the double whammy U.S. recession's impact on public health, I would appreciate it.

The article are:

The health effects of financial crisis: omens of a Greek tragedy

IMF & European co-workers attack public health in Greece

Increased suicidality amid economic crisis in Greece

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A recent article in the APHA's Journal  (10/20/11 release date) included an article on health conditions & health behaviors of adults over 50 dealing with mortgage problems.  There may be other studies to come related to specific financial problems resulting from the recession.  

Here is a quote from one of the authors:

"This study has pinpointed an issue that until now has been somewhat under the radar, but which threatens to become a major public health crisis if not addressed," says E. Albert Reece, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., vice president for medical affairs at the University of Maryland and dean of the University of Maryland School of Medicine. "Through research such as this, faculty epidemiologists and public health specialists provide valuable information and perspectives that are useful for government and private policy makers as they work to meet the health and economic needs of Americans." "

Also, Richard Wilkinson's TedTalk on the impact of income inequality & health is a general piece that is  pretty compelling.







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